Kg 0.05mm Tinned Copper Wire On D160 Reel

Kg 0.05mm Tinned Copper Wire On D160 Reel

Ref: TC0050-D160

price is per kg

A D160 reel carries approx 5 kg PLEASE ORDER THIS AS A MINIMUM

We will adjust the total charged to suit the picked reel this may be a little different from exactly 5kg

Price: 36.23 (Excluding UK VAT at 20%)

Tariff Data
Tariff Code74081990
Important : This item sent to ITALY will be subject
to additional customs fees related to RADIOMETRIC CONTROL
Please check before purchasing, thank you.
See :
Single Core Data : Copper
Diameter0.05mm / 0.050mm
Conductor Area0.00196 mm2
Standard Wire Gauge47 SWG
Resistivity1.709x10-8 Ωm
Ohms per Metre8.7 Ω/m
Density8.89 g/cm3
Metres per Kilogram57288 m/kg
Covering : Tinned
BS EN 13602

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